Protection Strategies 

At Oak Tree Financial Group, the management of our clients’ assets, goals, and personal information is our highest objective. We view our role as more than being the stewards of your money, you have bestowed upon us the management of your financial well-being. In this role, we must consider an array of potential risks that could avert us from managing your financial future. 

Through much education, years of experience, and extensive research, we have developed strategies for the management and preservation of our client’s wealth. The effects of an untimely death or disability, litigation, or personal identify theft can derail even the most sound investment plan. With prudent planning, many of the unexpected risks can be derailed before becoming an issue to your financial independence.

Our goal is to assist our clients in preserving and managing wealth they have accumulated throughout their lifetime.

We create increased confidence for our clients with customized insurance solutions and the means to minimize risk and preserve wealth.

  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Disability Insurance Planning
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Planning

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