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Legacy Planning

While most people have given some consideration to their legacy, most have never put it in writing, and even fewer have established a financial plan of action.

Not only will legacy planning ultimately facilitate the administration of an estate after death, it can also help to establish solid guidelines for managing assets and property during one’s life.

At Oak Tree Financial Group, our goal is to provide our clients with long-term security and a strong sense of stability.

Oak Tree Financial Group is pleased to aid with legacy planning including:

  • Estate Planning
    We believe the goal of a well-executed estate plan is to control personal assets while passing them to heirs in the most efficient manner according to our clients’ goals and objectives. At Oak Tree Financial Group, we provide a range of consulting services and business relationships to help our clients develop an effective estate plan.

  • Charitable Giving
    The challenge of giving charitably is to ensure individuals’ contributions benefit the organizations they choose as well as fulfill their overall wealth management plan. We can assist our clients in identifying appropriate assets for giving as well as ways to make the most of the tax benefits of such gifts.

  • Education Funding
    Sharing one’s wealth with future generations by helping to fund a child’s education is a worthy and noble goal. We can help our clients determine the most appropriate way to save for education costs while also supporting their personal goals.

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